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5/04/2015 12:35 pm  #1

Commissioner Infantini

Apparently this Commissioner is on a one woman crusade to force residents of the Savannahs to take over the cost of the golf course.  I sent this letter to the Chairperson as well as the County Manager. (Letters from the Commissioners attached)

May 4, 2015  

Dear Commissioner Fisher, As Chair of the Brevard County Board of Commissioners I am writing this letter to you and request that the appropriate disciplinary action be taken. I recently purchased property in the Savannahs subdivision for my retirement home. 

I have spent more than 18 years in a municipal government career and am looking forward to my retirement in Florida. 

The Savannahs subdivision seemed to be perfect with its quiet lifestyle and manicured and maintained property.  The golf course was a bonus that only added to my appreciation for the subdivision. I now find myself wondering if I made the right decision.  I am considering moving to another part of the state because of a couple of recent developments.

 First, the Port Canaveral Rail project being proposed what amounts to right in the backyard of the Savannahs is a huge downside to living in this area.  I will not get into the multitude of safety and quality of life issues but it is definitely making me think I may have to change my residence plans.

 Second, and very disconcerting is the action of Commissioner Infantini.  During the April 9th budget meeting she seemed to take an extraordinary interest in a property that is clearly not in her district.  The meeting clearly had several options for the 3 golf courses in the County, and the County Manager spoke about his recommendation during this meeting. On April 23rd, Commissioner Infantini authored a letter to the residents of the Savannahs subdivision. 

As this property is clearly out of her district this appears to be a major breech of protocol.  This seems to be a mission of a personal nature and not an elected official working within the scope of their duties. For some reason Commissioner Infantini only offered two solutions for the Savannahs Golf Course operations in the future.  I find it very disturbing that Commissioner Infantini decided to only provide a portion of the truth in this letter. 

By omission of the other options discussed, including what the County Manager himself brought forward. In the letter, Commissioner Infantini highlighted the County abandoning the golf course.  This was the exact thing she seemed to try to sway others to take an interest in at the meeting.  The only other option the Commissioner offered was for the homeowners to pay a portion of the golf course operating expenses. My biggest concern is that Commissioner Infantini seems to be acting alone and speaking for the entire board.  She also is only providing a portion of the information and completely leaving out any other options in this matter. 

This Commissioner has shown she cannot be trusted and needs to be removed from office and replaced with a truthful and honest individual who works for the residents of the County and not for themselves.  There needs to be some review process prior to Commissioners sending out these letters to a group of residents. 

I would also like to bring to your attention one reason there is a problem with the golf course revenue. 

It appears the staff there are doing a disservice to the Course and the County.  Reviews of this course online show that the grounds are in good shape but there are several negative comments in reference to the employees' attitude and failure to honor pricing agreed prior to the customers arriving. 

Some of the comments from Trip Advisor are: 
“Rude management, bad customer service” 
“Dishonest Golf Course” 
“Decent course horrible staff” 
“Terrible Customer Service.” 

Please review these concerns and take the appropriate action. I am sharing this with the County Commissioner as well as Commisioner Barfield. 

Thank You

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5/04/2015 2:02 pm  #2

Re: Commissioner Infantini

Looks like this isnt her first time trying to show displeasure with the golf course.  Minutes fom a prior meeting:


Commissioner Infantini asked the Board's indulgence to move forward in taking over
receivership and whatever is necessary; and stated last year Savannah's golf course lost
$360,000.00, that is nine years of operating this water system and having safe drinking water for
50 families; and in addition to the $360,000.00, the Board, myself excluded, voted to spend a
million dollars to upgrade the irrigation system on the same failing golf course; and so, when
talking quality of life, her quality of life begins with drinking water. She added, she needs food,
water, and shelter, she does not need a golf course; so if the Board does deem the golf course
is ever so necessary, she thinks it would be reasonably prudent for the Board to deem it is
necessary to provide safe drinking water to 50 households.

December 11, 2012

Commissioner Infantini mentioned putting another $1 million to the Savannahs Golf Course Irrigation Replacement Project; she stated the Savannahs is operating at a loss of $300,000 per year right now; the debt service on the golf course is $50,000 to $90,000 a year; and she suggested selling the golf course and making it something else, or closing it for a savings of $300,000 a year.


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