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9/13/2016 6:58 pm  #1

Pet Sitting

This was an email about pet sitting.  I am going to create this topic so that finding the information later is easy.

G & S take care of my 2 cats when I'm away on travel.  They are fantastic.

We use Lisa Ryals at 4150 Savannahs Trail, 453-7828. She very reliable and the dogs just love her!

My daughter Bridget pet sits for our Savannahs neighbors!  Give me a call anytime at 321-446-9035 if you would like to meet with her. She is in 8th grade and an A student at Jefferson and has many references.  

My daughter, Ellie, is 13 and sits for our neighbors (Koch's, MacLoed's, Stead's and Fitzgerald's) pets while they are out of town. (They will provide recommendations.). She is great with the animals and I do assist her. I previously worked with a local animal shelter and had done pet sitting through
If you are interested, please feel free to contact her at 240/354-0190. 

we use Pet Priorities to sit our cat while we are away. Sally Peters is the owner and she is a resident of N Merritt Island. She has two reliable women working for her, whom are both bonded.  Check out her website. She is quite reasonable, compared to boarding. We've used her for years.

We are using Cindy Bigger. Her phone number is 321-693-9215. Email is 

My daughter Shannon does pet sitting, she has taken care of cats, dogs, watered plants what ever you need done while out of town. She is 17 years old and is in Collegiate High School, this summer she is taking two online college courses so she has time to help you  Please feel free to contact me at 407-923-6832.


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