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10/13/2019 2:38 pm  #1

Poor reviews for the golf course

There are still pretty poor reviews for the golf course.

If the conditions are not improved, its going to continue to go downhill and we will be stuck paying the high HOA fees......


5/19/2020 6:39 pm  #2

Re: Poor reviews for the golf course

Looks like we still have some pretty bad reviews on the golf course operation.

a week ago-
Started play @ 10:28 on Saturday with 3 other players. Had to let 3 2somes and a single play through. On a weekend before noon, there is no reason for starters letting 2somes and singles tee off until after 1 pm at least. Not fair to our 4some. Course wasn't in very good condition and the starter (golf cart attendant) needs to take several courses in congeniality and customer service. Finished the front 9 in 2:05 and total round took us 5 hours due to letting others play through. Won't be playing this course again. Far better courses in the area to play for the $$$ and actually follow standard procedures for tee sheets.

a month ago-
The greens are littered with weeds. The fairways are in poor condition. Poor amenities.  The course is not worth the money.  Over priced for the conditions of the course.

a month ago-
My friend and I played there yesterday, Friday the 27th. We were do dissatisfied and disappointed with the condition of the fairways and greens. It almost appears that grounds crew and management have given up. We play golf there quite often and have never seen it this bad.

2 months ago-
Greens were not well maintained

2 months ago-
Could have been better. My husband and I played there and were paired with another couple, which was good. But not one of us could put well on the horrible greens covered with a growth that made your ball jump around. Where here wasn't this growth, it was like putting on a tile floor. So, it was extremely difficult to figure out the speed. We stopped in the clubhouse afterward to get a beer and possibly a bite to eat, but there was only 1 hot dog on the roller which did not look appetizing. The bartender was nice, but the f&b operations could use some help. If this is golf hospitality, it was not very welcoming

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